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Art and empanadas

Folklore is an Argentine restaurant at Division and Hoyne in Wicker Park with (a) fabulous food and (b) a fabulous mural.  I was really excited to discover the mural on the restaurant’s east wall after dinner with friends.  And I will admit to feeling fancy that I recognized the style as John Pitman Weber’s.

It turns out that Weber painted Unidos Para Triunfar/Together We Overcome in 1971, revised it in 1974, and restored it in 2004.  The center of the mural shows clasped brown and black hands.

On the right, the mural depicts youth fighting — showing the violent tension among black, Latino and white youth that was  flaring up when the mural was originally painted.

To the right, the mural shows a mix of people participating in a unity march.  The coffin was added as part of the 1974 revision — a reference to the police killing of a Puerto Rican youth in 1973.

The marchers carry a Puerto Rican flag and signs calling for decent housing, justice, and unity.

The sign in Spanish reads:  Defense of the community, from one generation to the next.  The struggle continues.