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New world

I’m guessing that many of you Chicagoans have seen this mural on the Holy Covenant United Methodist Church on Diversey and Wilton in Lincoln Park.  In fact, you can see it from the L platform nearby.

For a New World/Para un Nuevo Mundo was painted by John Pitman Weber and Oscar Martínez in 1973 and restored by Weber and Bernard Williams in 1996.  The mural is divided into 3 sections that correspond to the church’s worship service.

Pain, death and suffering is depicted at the far left.  This is Confession.

The middle section depicts The Word with images of love, light, and racial harmony.

Finally, the right panel depicts daily labor and working for justice as the Offering.

I love the substantial forms and the deep, bold colors in this mural.  It really leaps off the wall…all the way to the L, actually.