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Going small

I mentioned before that Jeff Zimmerman is best known for his large scale, photo-realistic murals.  I’ve decided, however, that I actually prefer his (relatively) smaller pieces .  One of my longtime favorites is Sírvales which he painted in 2005 at Cullerton and Ashland for St. Pius V church.  I really like the motion and light in the water.

Recently, I stumbled upon Zimmerman’s 1999 It’s All Knew at Carroll and Ashland.  The faces — human and canine — bring life to an otherwise nondescript warehouse area.

But my biggest Zimmerman surprise was finding this mural he painted at 21st and Blue Island in 1996:

Educación: See y Know is the oldest of his work that I’ve viewed.  I like the glimpse into his early style with its smaller scale and less photographic style.