I became interested in Mexican muralism in 2006 during a visit to Mexico City. This blog documents my subsequent mural hunting expeditions in Chicago, Latin America and beyond.  I live in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago.  Contact me at MadAboutTheMural [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! now, come to nyc and i will help you find every last mexican made, inspired and desgigned mural.

  2. You’re on! We’ll hit the streets with our cameras and see what we can find.

  3. This is wonderful – I will follow you, wherever you may lead…

  4. Hello –

    I can’t figure out who is writing this, but thanks for the plug about my mural Two Sandinos. Actually, that was the painted over version – for the original go to:


    There are lots of my other stuff there as well, or at:


    I look forward to receiving your posts



    • Thank you for your comment and for the links. I love the photos of Two Sandinos being painted! I just ordered your book (Insurgent Images), so I’m looking forward to learning more about your work.

  5. Great blog! Chile has a tremendous mural & graffiti tradition… sometimes it’s hard to draw the line between the two. I suppose the former is authorized and the latter is not.
    Have you written about this? Would be an interesting discussion.
    Also, if ever considering a trip to Chile, plan to spend a few days checking out the street art, in Santiago, to be sure, and especially in Valparaíso, which has an “open air museum” of enormous works by some of Chile’s best known artists (as well as tons by the anonymous type!)

    • Thanks! It’s funny…I actually lived in Santiago 2003-2004 (and visited Valpo many times), but it was before I really got into murals. Some friends gave me a book on street art in Chile and now I want to come back for a visit!

  6. How great Rebecca! These are great photos… love what you are sharing. otherwise I wouldn’t see them.
    To lots more traveling! anywhere it might take us.

  7. Hi Rebecca, I am actually a historian writing a paper on Chicano Park and Humboldt Park muralism. If you ever are interested in sharing ideas let me know. Love the photos. We seem to have taken some of the same trips.

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