Under the radar

I love me a high profile, technically perfect, painted by somebody famous mural.  But some of my favorite work  is by artists who slip under the radar (my radar, at least).  My current favorite is at Cullerton and Ashland in Chicago:

I also love this one which is a few blocks west at Cullerton and Wolcott:

I like the act of taking something ordinary, maybe even neglected and rundown, and creating something beautiful and sacred.  I like that the work is public, shared, communal.  And I like the religious subject matter that inspires faith, devotion and hope.


2 responses to “Under the radar

  1. I’m with you on the art of the ordinary, communal and infused with spirit. Have you experienced the Dia de los Muertos in Mexico? The public ofrendas cover all your bases and then some. I love that mural of the Virgen…..

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